Selected Works
with Commentary

Fast Food Fandango

The dancer: A voluptuous venus celebrating an evening of over indulgence.
The dance: Sensual rhythmic movements which intensify the need to satisfy all physical desires.
The moon: Exposure causes wildly foolish behavior and suppresses normal inhibitions.
The Satyr: Fondness for unrestrained revelry and sensual pleasures.
The strip mall: A few acres of suburbia where all glutinous and voracious desires are instantly gratified.
The baby: American children are exposed to delicious high fat, high sugar, and high cholesterol fast foods at an early age and can easily become addicted, which may create serious health problems in adult life.

Planting the Flag

Last year over twenty thousand elephants were slaughtered to feed China’s insatiable hunger for carved ivory. The countries involved are either unable or unwilling to stop the carnage.

Paint It Black

Muddy Waters, the great Chicago blues man, was a major influence in the early musical development of the Rolling Stones. They named themselves after one of his song titles. The Stones sucked the humanity out of his music and made it all about sex. Muddy said, “ They stole my music, but they made my name!”

Early Childhood Development

Children who are exposed to excessive media violence become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, are more fearful of the world around them, and are more likely to behave in aggressive and hurtful ways toward others.

Closet Klansman

After overhearing a conversation in which racial and ethnic slurs were used often and with great gusto. I was inspired to create a work which visualized the human embodiment of hate and prejudice.

Drive By

Every three or four months I read about a gang crackdown in The Fresno Bee. Evidently these periodical forays don’t do much good, or the police wouldn’t be continually repeating them. In this painting the boys have evidently shot up the wrong address, which happens more times than not in in our community.